5 Gay Pride Facts You Didn't Know

It's that time again, summer is coming and that means: Gay Pride time! Every year the Gay Pride is held in more than 200 cities around the world with a big party, colorful parade and above all ... sooooo much love. Here are 5 facts about the Pride that you didn't know yet ... to get in the mood for the party stuff.

1. In addition to the 'normal' Gay Pride, there is also theEuroPride, which is held alternately in a (large) European city. Since 1991, the EPOA (European Pride Organizers Organization) has each time designated a city that may organize the EuroPride that year or use the title at their own Gay Pride. The EuroPride is of course much more international, more festive and bigger than a regular Gay Pride.

2. In 1976 San Francisco's urban center underwent renovations and post-Pride festivities could not take place there. The festival site was moved to the Golden Gate Park. It was so unbelievably hot that day that almost all attendees throw out most - or even everything - of clothes. Whenever the sound system broke down, all the festivalgoers scattered across the forest in search of coolness and provided entertainment themselves, with all its consequences. The festival went down in history as one of the mostchaoticand craziest ever.

3. The Gay Pride flag was created in the 70s by artist Gilbert Baker. The multi-colored stripes were often seen during anti-war demonstrations. The demand for such a flag rose after Harvey Milk, who was San Francisco's Supervisor and openly gay, was murdered. The original flag hadeight different colors, each with its own meaning. For example, pink stood for sex, red for life and green for nature. For the simple reason that it was cheaper to produce the flag with fewer colors, the later editions of the flag were made with only six colors, with the pink and turquoise being omitted.

4. The very first Gay Pride took place inNew York on June 28, 1970 and will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year. The Gay Pride was originally created to commemorate the Stonewall riots. In 1969, the gay bar The Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village district was attacked by police. After years of police violence, this was the last straw for the LGBT community and the public decided to fight back, which was then in the bar. Worldwide countries followed the example of New York ... and that's how the Gay Pride was born.

5. In addition to all Gay Pride Parades, there are also gay sporting events more meant to meet and relax, than to break world records. There are theGay Games, the largest LGBT sports and cultural event in the world. Everyone can participate! The first Gay Games were held in San Franciscoin 1982 and, like the Olympics, they take place every four years.

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