A D Y N, Unisex And Androgyn

Timing and happiness ", attributes Matthew Moore, founder and creative director of the British brand A D Y N, the incredible success. What started as a hobby three years ago has now become a phenomenon. Their designs are unisex and can be worn by anyone in any way. The Gay Issue traveled to Paris for an exclusive interview with the British creative man, in which he candidly talks about his vision and the unexpected success.  

Text: Yasmine Major

"There is no dividing line between men and women. Everyone can wear it and everyone can wear it in different ways, "says Matthew Moore, founder and designer of the English fashion brand A D Y N (pronounced a.d.y.n.). After the Fashion Week in London and Milan it is now time for Paris. In the beautiful Palais de la Bourse the Tranoï fair is held every year, a platform for a number of strictly selected brands with the aim of making contact with the crème de la crème of the fashion industry. This year is the first time for ADYN to have the honor to be part of the international fashion hall. Among dozens of otherup and coming brands, ADYN is the only one of its kind with a unique concept: unisex.   You can also notice this on the Tranoï, part of the Fashion Week for men, where ADYN is also unique.

In a watery sun on a terrace overlooking the Palais de la Bourse, we flee the hectic pace of the fair and Matt, as everyone calls him, talks about his ADYN. "It's an abbreviation for androgynous," he explains in a genuine British accent. "A friend of mine came up with the name a long time before I started this adventure and it was the inspiration for the project. We never really intended to turn this into a company.

And yet ... here you are ...

‘yes! But it actually started as just a "fun project". Originally I am a graphic designer, a visual artist. That is also where my heart lies. Five years ago I started  printing my graphic designs on T-shirts. Now everyone does that, but then it was new. Coincidentally I knew someone at Liberty (luxury English department store, ed.) And I could make an appointment with the buyer of the men's department. He loved the few items I had and said that if I were to produce a full-fledged collection, he would buy it. I have done that. And this step has opened an enormous number of doors, because after this many companies approached me to freelance as a graphic designer. Topshop, Primark, New Look, AQ/AQ. My current business partners Ash and Alpha were working in the AQ / AQ store at the time, where I also occasionally helped to earn money. We then had a lot of comments among ourselves and promised that we would do much better. We wanted to make a product without borders, without restrictions, that could be worn by everyone. All three of us were creatively on the same line and we wanted to start something cool for ourselves. And one day we made the move and ADYN was born. " 

What is the secret of the unexpected success?

"Happiness and timing. We had no business plan, we had no high expectations anyway. We started with simple long T-shirts with zippers. Now we find that really terrible, but at the time it simply wasn't there. Yes, in a higher segment, Balmain or Rick Owens, but then you had to pay more than 300 pounds for a T-shirt. We wanted to make something that was in high demand but with little supply. We did that and exactly at the right time, because shortly after we started this style became a huge craze. ADYN was fortunately then known as one of the first brands with these designs on our level. The social media also made an enormous contribution to our success. "

You didn't really have world jobs, did you have the money to invest?



Read the answer to this question and the rest of the interview in the new edition of The Gay Issue!

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