A glimpse into the life of: Cover model Joris

A glimpse into the life of ...

In our new section A glimpse into the life of ... we always ask ten random questions to a man who knows how to get our attention. That may be because he has a special profession, has a special talent, or simply because he is a nice man.

For this first edition we asked our cover model Joris Lechêne.

  1. Whatis your favorite ‘go-to’

"I'm obsessed with music, so a lot of songs come to mind. I can think of a number for every occasion. Every minute that I am awake, I am influenced by music, whatever the situation or emotion. Recently I have been studying Brazilian music and I have "discovered" Caetano Veloso. I even recently met him in Brazil. My favorite "go-to" song is Alergia, Alergia by Caetano Veloso. "

  1. Describe your perfect evening out

‘Haha, my perfect night out is an evening inside I love being at home with a good meal and a glass of wine and watching good YouTube videos. So you can see that I am no longer nineteen ... "


  1. What makes you laugh?

"I can't help laughing at tourists taking pictures of themselves famous monuments. I like to make "meta-selfies", those are selfie-making selfies I then take photos in such a way that you do not see the monument, but that the tourists are in a very special photo Yes, that is how I am. "


  1. Which model is your source of inspiration?

"Artists who put everything at stake to be able to tell their story in the form that they themselves choose inspire me That can of course be done in many different ways. I don't think that I really take an example from a certain person or model, but rather from artistic people who love their work and can thereby express their ideas and want to share their emotions.

  1. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

"No idea, and that is the purpose of life for me too. What I do know is that wherever I may be in ten years, the way there was educational and fun. "


  1. What is your hidden talent?

"I'm very good in bed! I mean mainly sleeping: on my side, on my back, in a busy environment, on the set ... Yes I sleep very well, thanks for asking. "


  1. Tell a nice fact about yourself

"I speak four languages ​​and I studied architecture. And there I am, having photos taken at a rooftop swimming pool in February. What a life, right? Haha!’

  1. What is your favorite meal?

"Raclette, that is a French meal with melted cheese and raw ham. Unfortunately, that does not correspond to the guidelines for my image as a model. "


  1. If you were not a model, what would you do?

"I was probably a failed architect or musician. But most likely I worked in a store. "


  1. What is your favorite holiday destination?

"As you know, I am a model, which means that 99% of my time I am doing modeling.

So sitting at home all day and watching YouTube videos feels like a perfect vacation. If you ask me where I would like to travel, I would like to travel and canoe from the Amazon River all the way to the Atlantic. That would be really great, especially if I also end up alive. "

Joris can be seen as a cover model in our new issue, which will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium from 19 April.

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