Antwerp introduces award winning yoga studio from Brussels Yyoga

Antwerp, meet Yyoga. This contemporary studio is the first Belgian studio ever to welcome various ultramodern yoga styles with respect for the age-old yoga traditions. The magical combination of a dazzling interior, an innovative approach to yoga classes and an extensive range of shops in the ecofriendly, international multi-brand store make Yyoga an all-in experience.

new in Antwerp : Yyoga

Yyoga embraces different styles of yoga under one roof and tries to adapt the old practices to the needs of modern life.

Yyoga first opened its doors in Brussels more than 2 years ago and is now ready to put its modern version of yoga on the map in Antwerp as well. The Yyoga studio in Brussels even received the 2015 Brussels ’Retail and Design Award and the Antwerp studio has all the criteria to win the same prize at national level. Do you want to become acquainted with this unique concept? On Saturday 23 February you are welcome at the official launch from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for three free yoga lessons and of course a snack and a drink!

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