Back to the nineties with Reebok

The nineties revolved entirely around evolution and progress in all areas. Fashion was transformed from boring to creative with the grunge style that made an advance. Reebok does the same with its new sneaker: the Aztrek. Reebok makes a real throwback to the 90s with the design.

In 1993 the first version of the sneaker was already launched as a running shoe but the updated version is portable everywhere. There are two color variants so that you can fully match your footwear with your outfit. If you already feel the summer blues coming, opt for the apple-blue-sea-green sneaker with black and white to get you back in style. More in a fiery vibe, go for the sneaker with blue, red and beige. Think of looks from the fresh prince or call air and friends for the ultimate nineties vibe.

In the lookbook video you can already gain some shop inspiration!


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