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Whether you escape to a tropical resort or have a business trip ahead, dry air on the plane is a fact. There is a lack of humidity in the recycled aircraft air, which means that moisture is absorbed from our skin. This leads to dehydration and stressed skin, but airport problems can also contribute to this. Still, you can arrive at your destination with aflawless face and a fresh feeling if you follow the right steps. We selected a fewlifesavers that should definitely be in your hand luggage!


Shiseido - Pureness Refreshing Cleansing Sheets (€ 20,45)

Even though cleaning wipes not ideal, you can make an exception on the plane. Before the flight leaves, clean your face with a cloth so that your skin is completely cleaned and can breathe during the flight.

Caudalie - Beauty Elixir (€ 10,80)

After removing your makeup, spray your face a few times with this refreshing and moisturizing spray. You can repeat this throughout the flight for an extra fresh boost.

Clinique - Maximum Hydrator (€ 45,89) + Clarins - Eye Contour Balm (€ 39,50)

Due to the dry aircraft air, hydration is very important during a flight. Go for a good moisturizer so that your skin does not feel tight. Lubricate as a valve eye cream under your eyes. This is the only area of ​​your face where no moisture is created, so the skin becomes extra dry here.


Biotherm Homme - Ultimate Lip Balm (€ 10,15)

Lubricate your lips repeatedly with a moisturizing lip balm during the flight. Just like your eye, your lips are very sensitive to the dry airplane air. (PS: kissable lips are also a must at a height of 10 km!)

Kiehl’s - Ultra Facial Overnight Mask (€ 34)

Give your skin a final hydration on the basis of a mask before going to sleep. This way your skin is not stressed on arrival and you wake up with a soft skin. This mask does the same as a sheet mask, but is just in a jar. Let the cream soak for ten minutes before you remove the substance with a cloth.

Acqua di Parma - Blue Mediterraneo (€ 110)

Smelling nice is a must even if you sit that many kilometers high! Acqua di Parma brings delicioustravel size perfumes with their Blu Mediterraneo collection. The set contains three delicious scents including Fico di Amalfi, Bergamotto di Calabria and Mirto di Panarea that evoke the energy, sun and colors of Mediterranean Italy. Isn't it wonderful to smell like a travel destination?

M.A.C Cosmetics - Studio Fix Perfecting Stick (€ 24)

When your destination is only an hour away, it's game time. To refresh your face, spray again with the Caudalie spray. Then apply a moisturizing cream. While it is withdrawn you can use eye drops for a fresh look and it removes any redness. Apply one if necessary creamy concealer under your eyes and on any other zone that shows some irregularities or discoloration. An awake look is insured!

It seems like a big investment, but when you arrive at your destination with a fresh face you won't regret it. No one will be able to tell from your face that you only have slept for three hours. A good start to a fun trip is guaranteed. Bon voyage!

What do you take with you in your hand luggage?














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