Carpe Clinic introduces high-tech device: the Z-Field Tight and Fit through the winter

Gentlemen, do you want to keep your body fit indoor this winter ?! Then Het has a renowned aesthetic center for face, body and hair in Antwerp ‘Carpe Clinic®’ something for you! The center embraces this fall as the first in Belgium one of the most progressive body treatments of the moment called the Z-Field Dual. Slimming without sport and still growing more muscles. That is the main motto of the innovative device that focuses on targeted muscle development. The high-energy induction treatment with works on the basis of electromagnetic pulses that ensure thousands of muscle contractions, so that you generate targeted muscle development with fewer treatments. In this way you approach your ideal form in no time without any effort. A treatment takes only 20 to 40 minutes and is completely comfortable as you lie down completely. Because of the non-invasive and almost painless treatment, you can then simply resume your daily activities. Gentlemen, dit is dé manier om je lichaam in shape te houden tijdens de koudste wintermaanden.

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