Carpe Clinic, the aesthetic clinic in Antwerp run by leading ladies Dr. Lintermans and Dr. Van Riet teaches her patients to discover a new gem among skin scans, the Visia analysis. The Visia traces all skin features of the face as a result of sun damage but also detects other irregularities such as pigmentation spots, couperose, sun spots you name it. The ultimate goal of the Visia analayse: to provide a targeted solution to treat facial skin imperfections by means of Numerous peels, lasers and radio frequency, but above all cause a bell to ring to prevent further skin damage.

Carpe Clinic introduces the Visia Analysis

Over the years, the Carpe Team has succeeded in perfecting non-invasive techniques to prevent skin aging. Dr. Van Riet follows various international training courses on a regular basis. Dr Lintermans has studied the application of LED light on various areas: inflammation, scars, promoting hair growth.

For a natural glow and healthy skin you are at the right place at Carpe Clinic.

Carpe Clinic

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