Chiel Harten Frank: Botox And Reality TV

The Rotterdam Chiel Harten (25) was recently screened at OUTtv in his own reality series Buitengewoon Chiel. We could follow him in his business life as an interior stylist and in his private life, in which he often had their bodies embellished with his girlfriends. Botox here, filler there, a protein shake every day and exercise regularly. Now Chiel has decided to take a new course by opening a botox bar in Rotterdam on 28 May. Not 1, not 2, but 3 branches are already planned. Belgium will soon have to believe it, but when exactly, that is still a secret.

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Photos: Plein Couleur Photography by Julia Pelealu

Interior stylist Chiel Harten-Torres was in the news last year after the RTV Utrecht office was renovated under his creative direction. The employees of this local broadcaster were not at all pleased with the new interior with Chiel’s signature and even compared it to a gay sauna. OUTtv was just impressed by the work and success of Chiel and soon followed the reality seriesExtraordinary Chiel. The Gay Issue got a glimpse into his life that is full of glitter and glamor in both private and business life and in which appearance plays the leading role for 25-year-old Chiel. His motto is: Of course lies with the greengrocer. Chiel is therefore not ashamed to get his jabs every month at his regular botox clinic. In his real life soap, because that's what we can call it, we were able to see what advice he gave for a men-only sauna, how he almost completely got up for a photo shoot and he learned from Kelly Pffaf how a dildo feels with a woman. In short, the first season is over ...

"It was super fun to do," Chiel replies to the question how he liked it. "I worked with a great team, had recordings at different locations and have shown many different sides of myself. For example, that I was styling a sauna and where I get my inspiration from. In the series you also see that work and private life are completely intertwined with me. I just take my girlfriends to business appointments. Cozy right?'


How did your environment react to the series?

"Everyone thought it was great to see. They say I'm just myself on TV, always doing crazy and fun things. So positive, they all follow the program. It is also a program with a good dose of humor, but it is real. Not business. In my world you do business nowadays with a smile. It is also about giving each other something. "

But there were also negative reactions, right? How did you deal with that?

"The Dutch presenter Irene Moors said to me:" You always have haters and lovers Everyone has, if you become known, an opinion about you and they can have that too. But how do you deal with that? There are people who don't like you or your program, and that's okay. Then they don't look good, do they? "

You look very openly on TV. Are there things we have not seen in your program? For example, what about your love life?

'Yes of course! I consciously chose that the viewer gets to know a different side of me every episode. My family and personal life is not in it. Maybe later in the next season. My love life? What a dangerous question. We'll stick to this. "


Read the rest in the new edition of The Gay Issue!


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