Corendon offers 7 Greek islands from Maastricht

Coming summer season, tour operator Corendon will offer no fewer than seven Greek islands, departing from Maastricht Aachen Airport. These include classics such as Crete, Kos, Corfu and Rhodes, but also the lesser-known islands of Samos, Lesbos and Zakynthos are on offer. Every island is different, but which one best suits your travel preferences? Corendon helps to ease the stress of choice and highlights the most important assets for each island.

Corendon offers 7 Greek islands from Maastricht

  1. For the roadtripper: Rhodes

Rhodes is the island par excellence for exploring by car. Depart along the east coast and head to the southernmost point of the island, the Prasonisi peninsula where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Or discover the west coast and the interior with impressive beautiful nature areas such as the butterfly valley. Whichever route you take, you will always be rewarded with beautiful views of the island.

Corendon flies directly twice a week from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Rhodes.

  1. For the cycling fanatic: Kos

Cyclists can indulge themselves on the green island of Kos. Head out to the cozy capital city or cycle against the wind to the beneficial hot springs of Embrós Thérme. Afterwards you can do one last run

betting to Asklepeion, the "hospital" of Hippocrates, or visiting the picturesque village of Zia to enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Corendon flies twice a week and in July and August up to three times a week directly from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Kos.

  1. For the culture lover: Corfu

The northernmost island of Corfu, on the other hand, is the ideal base for culture and history lovers. The forts, monasteries and churches of Corfu Town are just a tip off the veil. On the entire island you will find important historical monuments, museums and buildings such as the Achilleion, the favorite place of the Austrian Empress Sissi. Did you know that the Easter party is a very important tradition for the locals? Easter is also celebrated exuberantly in Corfu with numerous performances and music.

Corendon flies directly from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Corfu once a week.

  1. For the beach lover: Zakynthos

Zakynthos also has some must sees that you should definitely not miss. For beach lovers there are the iconic shipwreck on Navagio beach and the "blue caves" that enchant everything with their unique blue glow. Animal lovers then descend to Laganas Bay where the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs It is not for nothing that Zakynthos is also called the Turtle Island.

Corendon flies directly from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Zakynthos once a week.

  1. For the wine lover: Samos

Samos is a Greek island with romantic and traditional (mountain) villages, beautiful bays and cozy typical Greek taverns. In addition, the island also has another asset: wine. There will be several varieties of sweet wine from Samos, each with their own character and dynamic taste. These wines are generally served after a meal in combination with different desserts such as "Samos Vin Doux", a sweet muscat wine.

Corendon flies directly from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Samos once a week.

  1. For the walker: Lesbos

Lesbos is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers. Thanks to the mapped out hiking routes you will come across the most beautiful places on the island, full of beautiful nature and varied landscapes. Do not forget to take a break in the capital Mytilini or the authentic town of Molyvos to enjoy some of the local culture.

Corendon flies directly from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Lesbos once a week.

  1. For the all-rounder: Crete

Do you like a combination? Then Crete is the ideal destination for you. You can, among other things, soak up the culture in the ancient palace of Knossos, smear your sporting legs for a walk in the world-famous Samaria gorge, recharge your batteries at the beautiful palm beach Vai or end your day in charming towns such as Rethymnon or Heraklion. Can it be a little wilder? Then discover the vibrant nightlife of Hersonissos.

Corendon flies three times a week and in July and August up to four times a week directly from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Crete.

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