Take Antwerp as a source of inspiration and you can design endlessly. Combine this with handcraft and with that you include the basis for the Diamond collection from D'AUTAN. From the vision 'first the scarf, then the outfit', came the authentic capsule collection


Antwerp is the epicenter of the diamond and also the fashion capital of Belgium. With that in mind, Evi Van der Planken set up the Diamond collection. With this collection, D'AUTAN wants to make a statement for craftsmanship and craftsmanship. The designs are hand-painted and are dominated by iconic diamonds. D’AUTAN received support from the Antwerp World Diamond Center, as well as from Masters Sharpeners Pieter Bombeke and Johan Olieslagers who made their knowledge and workshops available. You can even have a diamond set on order.






















Now also for men!

D'AUTAN was already known for its beautiful 2-sided scarves for women, each with an exclusive story, but was increasingly asked if they also wanted to design for men. Evi: 'We are responding to a frequently asked question to also make accessories for men. This first line is relatively limited, but in the long term the intention is of course to expand further. ' The line now consists of scarves, bows, ties


You can find the D'AUTAN pop-up shop in Groendalstraat 2 in Antwerp until the end of December and you can always go todautan.be. The prices range from € 35 to € 225.

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