Did you know that ... with Matt Geuze

In our online section Did you know that?... we always ask ten random questions to a man who catches our attention. That may be because he is doing something special, has a special talent or because he is just a nice man.


this week Matt Geuze.


  1. 1. What can you always wake you up for?

"A wise person once said:‘Long walks on the beach, big dicks and fried chicken.’ I can also agree with that. Now I would never go from Noordwijk to Hoek van Holland for a marathon, let alone stand up for it. In that case I go for: a smile from my niece Zara-Lizzy, food (Indonesian, Thai, Italian and Japanese) and for sex anytime, anywhere. "


  1. Describe your perfect evening out

"Because I love variation and am already high on life, there are many forms of a perfect evening for me. I can really enjoy an evening "La Traviata" at the Paris Opera with my mother, while I feel myoats just as hard as I work in dirty tunes in club NYX or the Jimmy Woo. "


  1. Who is your celebrity crush and why?

"Zac Efron used to be my crush, even when in High School Musical he still had quite a jungle under his armpits and a Bieber haircut. I have a weakness for babyfaces and light eyes, I think. "


  1. What is your favorite binge watch series?

"Sex Education and Posehave been my last obsessions, because the storylines are good and the cast is very good. Especially at Sex Education, the casting is very diverse, modern and inclusive, in an exemplary way that comes across as natural. Of course,RuPaul’s DragRace and Untuckedshould also be on the list. I am not a drama queenmyself, but I can watch it for hours. "


  1. Which number do you currently have on repeat?

"It always depends on my mood. If I'm not in a working mood and listen to dirty Dutch dancehall, I will find everything with soul / funk / deephouse / jazz really chill.

My latest discovery is:There for You - Monét X Change.

The delightful funky ass bass makes use of the non-existent word "respectedly"completely good. In addition, I love everything about Tom Misch, and I'm also obsessed with Jarreau Vandal'sSober remix. "



  1. What makes you laugh?

"Very dry humor, reading and embarrassing situations. I can watch hours of excerpts on YouTube from various things from Monty Python, The Ellen Show, Catherine Tateto Little Britain, Tower C, The Louse Mother and Miranda Sings. I am also ruined by Instagram accounts such as @lovesexandla @best_of_grindr @madeinpoortaste and of course my spirit animal @michellakox’em, a,


  1. Tell a nice fact about yourself

"After college I worked temporarily as a character performer at Disneyland Paris, after which I unexpectedly lingered in Paris with a nice job and apartment on the Champs-Elysées."


  1. Which item can you absolutely not miss in the wardrobe?

"Clean underpants. And actually I almost always wear shirts and turtleneckshaha. You can literally never go wrong with a white shirt, whatever the occasion is. "


  1. What is your favorite holiday destination?

"I can still see the whole world, so I find it difficult to answer. I really appreciate myself that every year I go to at least two countries on my own, where I have never been. So far my trips to South Africa, America, China, Cuba, Japan, India, Indonesia and Australia were the coolest, but every trip and every country has its own charm. I am aware that traveling has its downside again, with a thick carbon footprint, economic dependence and change of the places you visit, and the privilege that you can always go back to the comfort of your own country . While in fact you are sometimes unintentionally a disaster tourist who in fact maintains poverty and injustice in certain countries. "

10.Never drag or ever make YouTube videos again?

‘Haha, maybe I would never go dragging again. YouTube is another, more common creative outlet that you think can make an impact on a larger audience. I am a drag to put a smile on my face, people can show that life, with all its current gender-related dichotomies, is not that serious. And I also do this as a political statement, to allow people to be themselves. And it's super fun of course. If, after all, I should never be allowed to be a drag again but still want to keep painting my face, I can always experiment further with club kid looks.

From 19 April the new edition of The Gay Issue will be available in all magazine stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Read the further interview with Matt Geuze about his drag career as Miss Cartier. Don't miss it!


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