From January 1 it is that time again. The Amsterdam Light Festival is planned again with the themes Illuminade and Water Colors this year.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Water Colors, sailing route: A view on Amsterdam

Artists have been challenged to give a new perspective on the city and architecture, future and role on the world stage. Amsterdam serves as a canvas for new art and light installations that connect to the specific characteristics of the city. The theme is interpreted by artists in their own way, sometimes historical, futuristic or with humor and irony. The artworks offer the public new perspectives and raise questions about the city.
Amsterdam is beautiful by night! Have you become enthusiastic? We recommend that you book in advance. You can do that here.


Illuminade, walking route: biomimicry, inspired by nature

Biomimicry is the science in which the logic and structures of nature are applied to solve human problems. Think of energy-efficient buildings inspired by termite mounds or antibacterial surfaces inspired by red seaweed. The artworks that have been selected jointly enter into a dialogue on all aspects of the biomimicry theme.