Asian fashion at its best. That is Issey Miyake and the fashion brain also designed a unique collection for men, in particular the “HOMME PLISSÉ” line.

This innovative and new concept of clothing for contemporary man was made possible by the development of the original folding technology from Issey Miyake.

The line not only opted for wrinkle-resistant quick-drying fabrics, but also prevents clothing from sticking to the skin thanks to the pleats As a result, the clothes are comfortable, easy to care for and incredibly airy.

In addition to the original ISSEY MIYAKE “plating” process where the pleating takes place after the garment is cut and sewn to the final shape, some products of this line are sewn after the fabric is pleated. This process provides an architectural structure and gives the clothing beautiful shapes and accentuates their functionality.

The aim of Homme Plissé is to make clothing active and dynamic for the wearer and to make the new possibilities inviting. The collection consists of polos, jackets and trousers that are exceptionally unique and airy.

If you want to admire the Homme plissé collection up close and of course want to adjust it, you can go to a grotesque, listed building from the 16th century on the Eiermarkt in Anywerpen where the brand new Issey Miyake shop is located. The historic building was given an ultramodern twist by its glass wall and view of a rustic courtyard and immediately lures you in to discover the calming interior … and fall in love with the Avant-garde Oriental designs.

Eiermarkt 17
2000 Antwerp
Tel: 03 232 58 01