Jeroen Meus presents signature collection of pots and pans!

Just when we thought that Jeroen Meus had already shared his cooking secrets with Flanders, our sociable cook is launching his own “Jeroen Meus pot and pan collection”. A few months ago, the popular chef joined forces with The Cookware Company, the company behind GreenpanTM. Jeroen Meus himself was a designer and designed his “signature” collection with a refined eye for quality and common sense. The result is stylish and timeless, with a series of important details that also make a difference to our health. with does not peel or leave leaves and does not release any harmful substances in the event of overheating, so that our health remains guaranteed during cooking.


Jeroen Meus also cooks with his own pot and pan collection during his “Daily Cost” program. seamless bottom for better heat conduction, silicone anti-slip handles that always stay cool and an image of Jeroen Meus as his personal signature on the bottom. The entire collection is suitable for all fires, including induction. The comfortable non-slip handle always stays “cool” and ensures that you can easily handle the pots and pans. Thanks to the thick bottom, the pots and pans remain stable on every fire and heat up quickly and evenly. The cookware easily tolerates temperatures up to 200 ° C in the oven.


The collection has been subdivided into three categories:

  • a frying pan, saucepan, saucepan, steamer, soup pot and cooking pot with lid (stainless steel)
  • a non-stick pan and pancake pan (stainless steel with a healthy non-stick ceramic layer)
  • a wok and grill pan (aluminum with healthy ceramic non-stick coating)


Your “Daily Cost” dishes? You can now prepare them with the Jeroen Meus pot and pan collection!



Available: exclusively at your Blokker distribution point