Fashion - What the loafer?!

The IT-shoe of the moment

Instagram is nowadays full of the it-shoeof the moment, the Gucci Jordaan leather loafer. Everyone with a touch of fashion sense is a proud owner of this statement piece. The loafers, also known as mules, are lace-free shoes with roots in American culture. The whole is based on the shape of the moccasin.

What's the fuzz?

But what makes a loafer so special? The loafer is the perfect shoe for spring and summer, especially during the slightly cooler days. The advantage of the shoe is that your foot is not completely bared. Because of this you are not one of those people who tremble on his knees during a fun night out. We all know that this isn’t a cute look! It is a timeless shoe that has been the basis of many wardrobes for years. This is because the loafer fits perfectly with every style and can also be combined with everything. Are you going for classic trousers to just above the ankle? Or do you opt for ripped skinny jeans? A few years ago, a combination of classic clothing with streetwear was completely out of the question. Fortunately, times have now changed and the boundaries within the fashion world are being explored. Just like many gays, these shoes are very versatile, so you can combine them separately!

Gucci Lookalike Loafers

The beautiful specimens of Gucci are all unique items that put you at the center of attention. Of course, not everyone can just pay 600 euros for a pair of shoes. If you had this chance, grab it with both hands ... and feet! Of course we also think of thebudget kingsamong us, who are eager to combine these shoes with countless outfits. You have waited long enough and that is why we have found five lookalikes that meet your fashion addiction. We are not responsible for the slaying looks that will arise.

1. Asos (€ 60) - Shop here

2. Zara (€ 69,95) - Shop here

3. Asos (€ 30) - Shop here

4. Zara (€ 69,95) - Shop here

5. Topman (€ 120) - Shop here

Which lookalike is your favorite?

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