Flamingle into summer with the new Ibiza Ice Flamingo flavor

Ibiza Ice Experience - Croatia 2019 | © Verkijk

We cann't wait until summer. Sun, sea, beach, but especially delicious cocktails and fruity drinks. Ibiza Ice brings out a new summer flavor that fits perfectly with the glossy gay men. The fruity wine, Flamingo, is a delicious summer drink that must be present at every pool party.

The pink star among the Ibiza Ice flavors is a perfect combination of Flamingo sparkling fruit wine, grapefruit juice and a touch of raspberry. The youthful raspberry flavor in combination with the mature taste of grapefruit juice gives you the best of both worlds. Our summer turns pink with this taste sensation.

What you read is what you drink! Because of the refreshing flavors you can drink the drink pure, but you can certainly also use it in summer cocktails. In addition, you can also use the sparkling wine as an ingredient in a delicious summer dip or a sweet dessert. And no worries, the pink flavor bomb consists of all natural flavorings and contains few calories and no added sugars.

Ibiza Ice Experience - Croatia 2019 | © Verkijk

If you want to taste this delicious drink on the beach this summer, you can do so in your own country. This summer the Flamingo is available at various Belgian beach bars including Monroe Beach, Siësta Beach and Blue Buddha.

Ibiza Ice Flamingo is available at the better liquor store, at the B2B chain Metro, at the supermarket chain Delhaize and online: www.ibizaice.com.

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