Fossil launches fashionable Connected Accessories line

A Connected Accessory can be much more than just a functional electronic device. It can be easy. It can be fashionable. It can arouse and encourage curiosity to discover new places and experience new adventures.
Fossil, one of the world's leading accessory brands, introduces the Fossil Q: a line of fashionable Connected Accessories that stands for good design, professional craftsmanship and the individuality that characterizes Fossil.

The line consists of two types of connected watches and two types of connected bracelets (for men and for women), so there is something for everyone. A wireless charger is also included for stress-free charging.

The secret behind all these watches is thanks to Fossil’s patented app. The app has three important features:


  • Q Activity: This built-in fitness tracker shows how many calories you burn and displays your results in a playful way.
  • Q Notifications: These notifications give you a signal of a social media update, important phone call or a meeting that is waiting for you.
  • Q Curiosity: Cue your curiosity! These notifications warn you that it is time to escape from your daily routine, to look from a different angle or to try something new in your group of friends.


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