Gays united: Gaykrant and The Gay Issue work together!

Strategic collaboration GAYKRANT and THE GAY ISSUE: together the largest LGBT platform in the Benelux.

Press release via Gaykrant

The Gay Issue started two years ago in Flanders and is now the largest gay lifestyle magazine in Flanders. Since last year, The Gay Issue has also been active in the Netherlands. Gaykrant has been a leading gay media brand in both the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 30 years. This year, Gaykrant was re-launched as an online platform and was enthusiastically received by the target group from young to old. The new Gaykrant is looking for cooperation with as many parties as possible in order to fight as powerfully as possible for emancipation.

While maintaining their own identity, both brands are now joining forces to better reach LGBT target groups in a world of declining acceptance and increasing discrimination and aggression. Together they want to offer a platform for information, current events and emancipation in combination with attention to personal identity, high end lifestyle and pride: online, in print and with events. It must be again: "Proud to be Gay!".

Brigitte Midavaine (Publisher The Gay Issue): “The two platforms complement each other's ideas and want to create the right attention with a positive drive. The GAY Issue and the GAYkrant: GAYS United! ”

Hans Prummel (Gaykrant Foundation): “There was no clear voice in the gay media country. The rainbow colors had turned pale. "

Boris Dittrich (Director of Human Rights Watch): “It's good that the Gaykrant and The Gay Issue are going to work together. Specific journalistic attention to LGBT cases remains of great importance. We must know what is going well and what is not. I look forward to this bundled flow of information. "

Wim Vanlessen (Principal Dancer at Ballet Vlaanderen): “I think it's great that these two beautiful individual platforms have found each other. Together we are strong and certainly apply here. "

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