Health - 4 x healthy alternatives to a hamburger

Every now and then we all havecravingsfor a tasty hamburger. But this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing! There are plenty of tasty and healthy alternatives for a good citizen. Mcdo is not the way to go! We have four healthier and tasty variants of the hamburger for you.

1. The sushi burger


This burger is a real Pinterest hype. Replace your sandwich with sushi rice, your meat with raw fish such as salmon or tuna and add tasty things of your choice such as avocado, cucumber or mango. Et voila!

2. Eggplant & hummus


This is one for the veggies among us. You can easily replace the meat in a hamburger with grilled vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini or bell pepper. Add a layer of hummus and you have a tasty Mediterranean burger that is also healthy.

3. Salmon & avocado


Salmon and avocado are always a delicious combination. In sushi, on toast and also as a burger! Go for a baked salmon fillet or salmon burger and finish with avocado pieces. You can also wrap the avocado or make it into guacamole.

4. The salad burger


Bread contains a lot of carbohydrates and white bread in particular is a thicker. If you like a light meal, you can replace the burger sandwich with lettuce. This way you can still enjoy your hamburger in a responsible way.

Source: Pinterest

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