Hotspot: Mercado in Antwerp


There is a new hotspot in town! From Saturday 15 October you can enjoy a snack and a drink in the Mercado in Antwerp, a place where hip street food and fresh products come together. The old post building on the Groenplaats was transformed into the first covered food market in the country. Those who go shopping for a day or spend a weekend in Antwerp can sample different dishes from all over the world: fried chicken wings, Mexican quesadillas, Malaysian dishes, oysters, artisanal croquettes and many more! In total there are thirteen food stands in the market hall and those who are thirsty can choose the coffee bar, the wine bar or the cocktail bar. There is also a flower stand and a shop and in Supermercado you can enjoy art, fashion or music. Marble counter tops and gold and pastel accents were used in the beautiful interior. The whole looks cozy yet chic. Mercado is an initiative of NV Congé and can be visited until May 2017. Our favorites? Be sure to taste the sushi wrap and the bubble waffles with matcha ice cream and then rinse it with a fresh frozen gin and tonic!


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