Humgy makes productivity hip with a unique concept and new coworking space

Humgy is the first coworking space in Belgium that focuses on a better work-life balance and increased Humgy is an initiative of two young Antwerp entrepreneurs who want to bring a real mind shift to the way we currently work. On May 16, Humgy opened a second location on Antwerp South, next to its current location on the Boerentoren.

Humgy started under the name StartBloc with four young business friends who were looking for an office space together for their individual projects. The idea for a fully-fledged coworking space soon grew due to the high demand from other entrepreneurs. Founders Bart Bencivenni and Olivier Kegels, both 24, eventually went on with the two of them and are determined to further develop their project and further spread their vision of productivity. The average employee is only 2 hours and 53 minutes per day really productive, but spends more than 8 hours in the office. With its coworking spaces, Humgy creates a 360 ° lifestyle in which working efficiently and feeling good are optimally stimulated.

Humgy is a contraction of "human energy" and optimizes it so that professionals can get the most out of their work in a healthy way. This vision is based on three elements - focus, structure and energy - that together form the key to a productive working day. The coworking spaces have been designed with these elements in mind to guarantee a structured workflow with sufficient rest. The Humgy spaces are stimulating places where productivity is encouraged through smart, hip design. For example, there is a "deep work room" where you can completely isolate yourself to focus on important issues and a "zen zone" to unwind with yoga or a motivational podcast.

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