Ice Ice baby!

When the sparrows fall off the roof and even scrolling through this page gives you a sweaty upper lip, when an alcoholic snack with ice is no longer cool enough, we have the solution for you: ice with alcohol! Normally we recommend giving alcohol in moderation, but especially with these tropical surprises, because alcohol normally freezes naturally But if you stick to the small quantities and have some patience, success is guaranteed!

Ice Ice baby

Somewhere over the rainbow


Sprite Vodka Rainbow acid mats Ice form sticks

Wrap the acid mat around the stick. Then put the stick in the ice form and add three quarters of sprite. Fill the rest with vodka and put it briefly


Gin-tonic popsicles


3 glasses of tonic 45 ml gin Cucumber Half lime Ice form Sticks

Mix de gin met de tonic en voeg daarbij het sap van de halve limoen toe. Add the cucumber in thin slices. Insert the stick and put it in the freezer.

Spanish icecream


1 cup of coffee per ice cream Whipped cream Sugar 45 ml Licor 43 Ice form Sticks

Pour 2/3 of the whipped cream into a bowl and add the sugar, stir until the sugar has dissolved and then divide it between the ice cream tins. Place the whole in the freezer until the whipped cream has hardened. Meanwhile, mix the (cold) coffee with the Licor 43 and add the last cream. Pour the whole into the ice molds and put the stick in it. Be patient for a few hours, because you guessed it, the whole can go into the freezer for a while.

photo: de Koffie Filters

Strawberry hills


45 ml rum Strawberries in pieces Strawberry lemonade Juice of 1 lime Mint leaves sliced ​​Ice form Sticks

Mix all ingredients together and distribute them evenly over the ice cream forms. Place the whole in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes and insert the chopsticks. Then put the ice creams in the freezer again.

Watermelon tequila surprise


¼ glass of water ¼ cup of sugar 4 cups of pureed watermelon Juice of 2 limes Mint leaves sliced ​​ice-cream sticks

Bring the water, the mint leaves and the sugar to the boil and let it cool. Then mix the lime juice with the pureed watermelon. Mix everything in the blender and pour it into the ice molds, put the chopsticks in it and put the ice creams in the freezer.

Banana mudslides on a stick

500 grams vanilla yogurt 1 banana 50ml vodka 50ml Kahlúa 50ml Baileys 3 spoons of melted chocolate

Mix the whole in a blender and pour it into the ice molds. Zet de ijsjes ongeveer een uur in de vriezer en steek hierna het stokje erin. The whole can be put back in the freezer and then the waiting is blown!

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