In bed with Sleeplife

The quality of your nights determines that of your days. Sleeping like a rose every night and waking up wonderfully rested every morning, what more does a person want? Maybe a Sleeplife bed?

In bed with Sleeplife

"Sleeping well is good life. And good life means good sleep. "Under that motto, general manager Wim Herman leads the success behind the sleep specialist Sleeplife. Sleeplife's philosophy is simple: sleep tailored to your life. And that is what Sleeplife delivers by offering unique sleeping solutions in a framework that is professional and personal. "We want to meet the individual sleeping needs of our customers in all aspects. Suppose you find your mattress too hard, but your partner thinks it is fantastic. Then we will look for a customized solution together. A solution that benefits both you and your partner. "

The new Sleeplife bed collection is even more ergonomic and aesthetic than its predecessors. "For the new collection we turned everything upside down and looked at what could be improved. For example, we have opted for a better spring in our box springs. A spring that gives even more support and adapts even better to the body. But also on aesthetic level we go for innovation. That is how we put together a brand new collection of bed fabrics. Every fabric is possible for every box spring. In this way we reinforce our philosophy. We never say "no" to our customers, "says Wim Herman.

We spend no less than eight hours a night in bed. A good bed is therefore important if you strive for a good night's sleep. It will not resolve all sleeping problems, but it will at least give your body the support it needs to sleep well. Moreover, correct support can reduce or even remedy typical complaints such as back pain. "A good bed contributes to your sleep quality. And that in turn has a positive impact on your quality of life. And those who feel better during the day also sleep better at night. Provided that you adopt a healthy lifestyle, of course. For example, if you have been strumming on your cell phone for a long time before going to bed, then you may still have the best bed, sleeping will not work. "

Sleeplife is looking for a bed that fits your body and sleeping needs optimally. You can count on personal advice for this. "Our customers are never there Personal advice is the strength of our concept. This is also essential, because as soon as people experience discomfort - such as problems with their backs - there is growing concern and also the need for information and guidance. "

Wim's choice? "I sleep in the Ergosleep BS4 with individually adjustable SLEEP DNA. That is ergonomically the best bed that you can find. The bed base is fully adjusted to your body after a digital measurement. You can even choose the design and finish of the bed yourself. As a customer you have a choice between numerous headboards and footboards, upholstery and bed legs. "



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