In love with Milkshake Festival

Have you ever been to such a cool and beloved festival, where you felt so much love that it didn't matter that the rain was pouring down from the sky? If the answer to this is "no", you have certainly never been to Milkshake Festival. At Milkshake you feel at ease when you hear the music bubbling up from afar. Milkshake is for everyone; for boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys ... Except for loft people, they might find it a bit exciting.

In love with Milkshake

The most open-minded festival in the Netherlands serves everyone. Especially when it comes to music. If you want to twerk, twerk or your life depends on the Dirty Poezendek! Are you rather an electro lover? Then go to the techno church. Can't it be crazy enough for you all? Then there is the Supertoys stage! Enthusiasts of the heavier techno and shows can also go there and this year there was also a special "Tribute to George Michael" stage. Not dirty from a little (or very much) naked? That is all possible. Are you more into dressing up? You're welcome! Do you prefer to put on a fetish outfit? We like that! Although you just come as yourself, without bells and whistles. Then you can be there too. Come as you are!

Milkshake festival photographed by Alina Krasieva

I had been on Milkshake before and I got the same feeling. Goosebumps and fall in love! Milkshake is a melting pot of beautiful and open-minded people who accept each other as they are. Love is the magic word! Gay, bi, trans, pan, poly, straight people and everything in between from all over the world come together in Amsterdam to celebrate love. It is actually a shame to have to put all that in one day, so luckily this was the second edition where you could party on Saturday and Sunday. You can recognize the true enthusiast from a distance, because he has glitter bags from the Milkshake pre-party on Friday. Milkshake is actually the nicest kick-off to the Pride week in Amsterdam.

Milkshake festival photographed by Alina Krasieva

A proud Sinan, who does marketing and PR for Milkshake, says: "The concept was really designed and devised for Amsterdam. We thought that somewhere in the world there should be a place where everyone can come together and celebrate freedom and love. I am proud that it is possible at Milkshake in Amsterdam. It really has the Amsterdam character ".

Milkshake festival photographed by Naomi van Heck

If you ask me what was my highlight after two days of intense enjoyment at Milkshake, I cannot give you one answer. The goosebumps, the love, the beautiful people ... People who intensely enjoy the free feeling and continue to dance despite the rain, but when that sought-after sun breaks through to an even higher level, the music, the dancers, the organization. Everyone seems to be in the best mood. And of course The Village People. The men who used to be more known for the rock hard bodies, the special outfits and the wonderful wrong dance moves than for the golden throats have now reached a respectable age, but that does not prevent the golden team from traveling to Milkshake. Something very special in itself, because the gentlemen hardly play anymore. They were shining, and how! All hits came by and of course they saved the best for last ... YMCA!

Milkshake festival photographed by Dennis Bouman

The highlight that should certainly not be missed is the great interest in our search for the cover modelof our March edition.To be continued…

Headerphoto: Milkshake festival photographed by Dennis Bouman

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