Launch of the new The Gay Issue

Who run the world? Gays!

What could be nicer than a magazine that focuses on all men? The launch of our new edition of The Gay Issue of course! To give you some visuals, think of oysters, bubbles, beautiful diamond chandeliers, tuna sticks, party music and crème de la crème present. Dance an entire evening on the best beats of DJ Rose with guests such as Gordon, Matthias Geerts and Paul Schulten. And even the baby whispererhimself, Derek Ogilvie!

The New Gay Issue

On March 22, 2017, the launch of the new The Gay Issue took place at Admiralty Bar & Kitchenin Rotterdam. A beautiful location that exudes what The Gay Issue stands for: class and cosiness. This exclusive event was all about the latest edition with cover pin man candyMichel Pinheiro, an international Brazilian top model. The whole thing was taken care of down to the last detail by our editor-in-chief Brigitte Midavaine and the entire team. A super nice goodie bag could not be missed during this spectacular event! the goodie bag was filled with great products from Liefmans, Warsteiner, Strongbow, Sappi Rotterdam, Bedouin Parfums, Oral-B, Vitaminstore, Kruidvat, Twistea, The Villa and of course the beautiful new edition of The Gay Issue.

The event was a huge success with a lot of positive feedback. There was a lot of laughter, toast and woodpecker. With the event, a point of attention was immediately put forward: you are no different when you are gay, everyone is just part of it. Surely one of the most important pillars that we carry as a magazine. After all, we love men, all men! The event was so successful that The Gay Issue received a mention on the SBS 6 Show news, now those are some goals! Below you can see some happy guests.




Sneak preview

Our latest edition includes an in-depth interview with Gordon about his life as a single man. Or have you always wanted to know what the life of a famous blogger is like? The most famous blogger in Belgium, Matthias Geerts, explains it all to you! Of course there is something for everyone, so what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the new edition of The Gay Issue, it is now in the store! And let's be honest, can you resist Michel?

Our guest of honor Gordon not only featured in our magazine! #Veryhot




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