Luxhome, more than interior

Luxhome. The name says it all: bringing luxury to your home. Luxhome realizes atmosphere, class and functionality in a highly personal way and makes your home a home. It all started with Pieter Dhaenens' father. Pieter now proudly continues the business.

More than interior

Pieter Dhaenens is a sporty, early 50+ entrepreneur who continues Luxhome, the business that struck his father from the ground. That started in 1970, when father Dhaenens, together with a colleague from his work at the time, got the idea to start his own business in luxurious interiors. No sooner said than done, as Luxhome has been a fixed value for 48 years. What does Luxhome stand for? Deliver thoughtful and personal customization with a luxurious touch.

In a period where one interior store after another emerges from the ground, you must be able to distinguish yourself. "Luxhome is distinguished by its colleagues who are responsible for their own design, production and placement of interior design tailored to the wishes of the client. Because we work out project by project, take the time to design and not only see the cabinet work, but also look at a total experience of a space and visualize that with the render representations, we create our own identity. Own design, elaborated in own studio and own placement service. "

says Pieter Dhaenens. A marble top in your kitchen? Or would you prefer a wooden one? You choose everything down to the smallest detail. You make it as personal as you want. But, if you don't know it yourself, Pieter is also a source of inspiration. "I mainly get inspiration from Social Media, visits to National and International fairs or visits to major cities. I go there to feel the new trends and trends. "

Luxhome is for everyone who wants to see their own interior translated into custom work adapted to personal needs and wishes. Luxhome is also there for the builders who see interior customization as an extension of the architecture of their home.

Feel like renewing your interior? Then you can always take a look at or in the showroom in Gavere.

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