Martine Prenen launches pleasantly crazy theater monologue about healthy living (and does not have to be perfect) ...

Last Tuesday, TV personality and health guru Martine Prenen officially gave the launch of her first-ever theater monologue, who (how could it be otherwise) christened "The Healthy Woman". In addition to her bestseller books on healthy living, she now also continues her search for a healthy and enjoyable life on the theater stage.


The media madam transformed into a full-fledged comedian as if she had never done anything else throughout her career.

The stories about her addiction to greasy food to the invisible laundry basket in her house and our runaway hormones are recognizable to everyone. To properly show how your digestive system works and how it sometimes happens that we just feel like unhealthy things, she literally colors outside the lines and gives you a glimpse into her body by literally crawling in different hilarious forms.


But don't be fooled because the theater performance may be called "the Healthy Woman". Prenen cites various topics ranging from stress, hormones and addictions that both ladies and gentlemen of all three generations will recognize. "

The Healthy Woman 'premiered together with her newest book called:' t are the hormones', which has been in stores since 15 October and that is a nice addition to the play

We know again what to do these winter months….




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