Nespresso launches The ‘Vertuo’, a major coffee first

A transformation of our "coffee a day", that is what the "Vertuo" is, the newest child in the Nespresso family promises us. By applying a brand new technology, the Vertuo changes our way and the format in which we prepare our coffee in the future. The different capsules make it possible to serve different sizes of coffee. Thanks to the combined blend, you can now also prepare high-quality coffee for every occasion in the most diverse formats from alto to double espresso. For us Belgians this is "hot" news because no less than 80% of Belgians drink their coffee from a large mug and now we can prepare our favorite coffee at home. What more can we ask for…

The Vertuo system was launched in Belgium on 3 September and offers a range of no less than 28 different types of coffee. Nespresso calls it its biggest innovation since the brand launched the very first coffee capsules 30 years ago. But Nespresso also draws the ecological card. No less than 13% of Vertuo capsules were made from recycled aluminum from used Nespresso capsules from our own country or one of the neighboring countries.


Nespresso Vertuo, what else?!

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