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Drag sensation Lady Galore has to deal with the biggest transformation of her life ever. Through a gastric bypass operation, Sander, the man behind Lady Galore, will take a new path for a healthier life. The documentary GALORE shows how Sander undergoes the operation. In addition to this rather intense transformation, there is also attention for other contemporary topics that are still seen as taboo.

On Saturday March 16, the documentary GALORE, made by Dyzlo film, premiered on the Pink Film Days in Amsterdam. The Gay Issue held an exclusive interview with the twins who made this controversial documentary: Dylan and Lazlo Tonk (36).

How did you come up with the idea for this documentary?

Dylan: "It actually started after we made two lip dubs with Sander, who were well received. When we were thinking about the next project, Sander told us that he would undergo a special operation, namely a gastric bypass operation. He wanted to have that recorded. Lazlo and I immediately looked at each other from: let's do this !.

Lazlo: "We make a lot of documentaries and this subject fascinated us. It's exciting if you know that something spectacular is going to happen, but you don't know where it is going. "

Dylan: "You naturally need each other's trust in these types of projects. We want certain things, but Galore also. We all dived into the same place and now, two years later, we have proudly put down this documentary. Lazlo and I are of course twins and you notice that Sander and Galore are also a two-person. We also recognize the dynamics that we have in Sander and Galore and that works very well. "


What is your affinity with the LGBTQ and drag community? Has it influenced the choice for the subject of this documentary?

Dylan:"We are both gay and I remember when I first saw Sander that I could not make the link to Galore. The transformation from Sander to

Galore is so fantastic. Lazlo and I used to dress up often and now, but mainly for the Comic Con or at Halloween. Dressing up and transforming is very cool to do. "

Lazlo: "Dressing up is very creative and energetic. It is something we enjoy ourselves and we certainly recognize that in Galore and in all the things that she organizes. you

understands each other sooner when it comes to a plan of action and what you can do for each other. "


Quite a lot of social topics are dealt with such as hatred for drags, obesity, and non-accepted coming out. You bring this in a serious, yet humorous way. Why did you choose this approach?

Dylan: "Yes, humor always came up in the assembly. Sander is very funny in itself, but the topics that we address are quite heavy. Especially for that reason also like "air moments" in the film where you can just laugh. In the editing we had to look very much for a balance to convey those two aspects to the viewers. Life is heavy and airy at the same time and that is what we want to show. "


Do you already have plans for a new film, with just such a high-profile topic?

Lazlo: "We are now working on a topic that focuses on how humanity relates to cloning. As said before, we are twins. We are often seen as each other's clones. We like to tell these kinds of themes that we are close to. "


You just said you both are gay, how were you coming out?

Dylan: "We didn't want to do it at the same time. Lazlo was first. He then had a friend. We already knew each other, but we wanted our own moment. "

Lazlo: "Yes, I wanted to do it first, because I had a friend back then. I suspected my parents would be fine and it turned out to be the case. Yet it remains a heavily loaded moment. "

Dylan: "You notice that you really have to do a coming out all your life all the time: from the first time with your parents and friends to now, for example, when you want to buy a bed somewhere."


Just a little more about the documentary, where is it playing?

Dylan: "There will be another screening on Tuesday 19 March, here in the Westergastheater in Amsterdam. There are still tickets for sale. Furthermore, we now focus very much on international film festivals and we hope that other parties want to show our documentary. I think you should actually see the film on a big screen better than online. "


Would you also like to see this documentary? On Tuesday March 19 there is a screening in the Westergastheater in Amsterdam. There are also some tickets for sale on the website of the Pink Film

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