Exactly twenty years ago, in 1998, Audi launched the very first Audi TT Roadster on the market. To celebrate that, Audi is now bringing a completely new version of the TT Roadster. The bodywork design of the style icon was sportively refined, got powerful engines under the hood and a very extensive standard equipment. We went to test it!

Colour: Vegas yellow

There he is, the latest Audi TT Roadster. Just on sight you want nothing more than to immediately go for a ride with such a beast of a car. The design and the love of detail beg you to explore the roads with you. You immediately notice that the Audi TT is synonymous with driving pleasure when you switch on the ultra-powerful engine. That wonderful roaring sound from the double exhaust pipes, the smooth circuit and man, those leather seats are great.


For the twentieth anniversary of the Audi TT Roadster, Audi highlighted the sporty character of the model. For example, Audi tightened the design of the new TT Roadster, got a better performance and the standard equipment was expanded.

Colour: Tango red

We start our short road trip. First gear, accelerate and you fly Thanks to the ultra-powerful engine, the Audi TT Roadster pulls up like no other car. It is smooth in the turns because the individual torque distribution becomes active in fast turns and thus ensures targeted brake intervention on the unloaded wheels on the inside of the turn. Another plus: He switches almost imperceptibly, what a bliss!

Our highlights on the Audi TT Roadster:

  • The sporty design accents that emphasize the dynamic look
  • The new S-tronic with seven speeds for the speed devils among us
  • The extensive standard equipment that gives driving pleasure an extra boost

When nobody sees us, we quickly get in the car and drive away in a flash and then don't come back, because we want to keep track of that car anyway. No, just kidding, we didn't, though we really enjoyed it

Ps .: You can have such a new Audi TT Roadster from € 38,550.



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