The Hidden Pearls Of Cointreau

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Cointreau was founded 165 years ago in the historic Anjou region. The House is committed to craftsmanship and is known as "Distillateur Liquoriste" (liqueur distiller). From the start it built its reputation on its successful fruit liqueurs, especially the Guignolet cherry liqueur and a range of "hygienic liqueurs" with medicinal properties such as the Liqueur de Camomille. The liqueurs are perfect examples of Cointreau's unwavering pursuit of craftsmanship, perfection and innovation. The unique drinks are part of La Collection d'Edouard, an exclusive range of vintage liqueurs made by La Maison Cointreau and its master distiller Bernadette Langlais.

The collection pays homage to EDOUARD COINTREAU, who devoted his entire life to the search for more purity, excellence and taste in his fruit liqueurs. The orange liqueur Cointreau is a perfect illustration of this.

The roots of La Maison Cointreau are brought back to life thanks to the immeasurable talent of his master distiller BERNADETTE LANGLAIS. For 35 years she has been the guardian angel of Cointreau's unrivaled quality. By using the best quality ingredients, including natural chamomile and cherries, she gave the end product its perfect taste. It can therefore rightfully be called the author of La Collection d'Edouard.

ALFRED COINTREAU is the sixth generation of the Cointreau family that is active in the House. He feels closely connected to Angers and is the man who found the recipes of the Guignolet and the Liqueur de Camomille in the distillery archives. For him, these liqueurs are a milestone in and an ode to the history of his family.

The Liqueur de Camomille, inspired by Edouard Cointreau's drink, and the Guignolet, from a recipe from 1849, are worthy heirs of their prestigious predecessors. The liqueurs are produced in small quantities and are used in some of the world's finest cocktails. That is also the reason why the Guignolet and the Liqueur de Camomille are only available in cocktails prepared by the best bartenders. You can taste these special liqueurs in the following bars:

- Jones & Co: Pelgrimstraat - Antwerp
- Sips: Vlaamse Kaai - Antwerp
- Large Vlaenderen: Vlamingstraat - Bruges
- Thon Hotel: Wetstraat - Brussels
- Jigger's: Oudburg - Ghent
- Old Fashioned: Hoogpoort - Ghent
- The Pharmacy: Elizabethlaan - Knokke
- Sofie's Living Room: Demyttenaerelaan - Sint-Idesbald

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