The Talundra Academy The Belgian Eco-system in Fashion

The future of fashion is local, shouts the young fashion company Talundra who managed to collect no fewer than 1,000 registrations in less than a year in her very first academy in Brussels. Talundra, which stands for the "tundra of talents", started its very first fashion academy last year with the mission to stimulate local fashion creation and consumption through an ecosystem that helps talent grow and develop tomorrow's brands.
Mode Inc had a passionate chat with the boss lady behind the Shari Dewannemacker academy. You can read the full article in Mode Inc. next month.

What is the best way to describe Talundra?

Talundra is a fashion start-up with the mission to encourage designers, brands and consumers to focus more on local fashion. A study was recently published which showed that the sale of sustainable products is growing five times faster. The paradox with this is that there is just very little infrastructure to allow people to exploit their talent and the surrounding community is also minimal. Talundra acts as the very first building block to facilitate the search of people who are bitten by the fashion virus.

So anyone can turn to Talundra?

Indeed. On the one hand you have the category of participants that we call the "Do-it-yourself" participants. They are looking for alternatives to "fast fashion" and wish to learn the necessary techniques to be able to develop their own wardrobe. We categorize the other group under the "Pros". They are people who are looking for technical baggage to pursue a professional project. With us nobody needs any prior knowledge of fashion. The only must is motivation. Designing fashion and clothing is not only reserved for the elite.

I want to register with Talundra. Which courses can I choose from?

Trainees can go to the Talundra Academy for a wide range of courses, such as sewing techniques / clothing, fashion design, textiles and pattern drawing. Whoever wants to learn the know-how with us for designing a T-shirt label, will choose different and more targeted modules than someone who wants to develop a leather handbag collection. We want to turn our students' interests into practical skills as concretely as possible.

You also support local professionals and designers. How do you do that?

Our teachers are one by one local professionals who pass on their knowledge to the talent of the future. They can do that through the Teacher Pool and the Partner Pool. The professionals from the Teacher Pool teach in the infrastructure of Talundra. In the Partner Pool, the teachers open their own workspaces or studios for the students.

The future of Talundra looks bright because four new branches will open their doors soon in January 2020?

Talundra is very well received in the new cities. The registrations run the same for both the Pack Pro profiles and for the modules. We even had to close a few modules because the classes are already full so you won't hear us complain! You can still register by simply going to our website

Good luck with the new openings!

The new Academy locations
Ghent: Zuidstationstraat 3, 9000 Ghent
Antwerp: Frankrijklei 37, 2018 Antwerp
Charleroi : Boulevard Joseph Tirou 101, 6000 Charleroi
Liège : Boulevard de la Sauvenière 38, 4000 Liège

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