To book a vacation? Marbella!

The daily grind, it sometimes gets a bit too much and you want to escape that too much. You can book a city trip, but how charged are you after all that viewing and walking? A better approach is certainly a luxury hotel where you can enjoy the peace and quiet for days. The Amàre Marbella Beach hotel is your getaway that ensures that you fully return with a bronzy skin! The hotel has everything you need for a romantic weekend with your loved one: the beach for endless beach walks, good restaurants and a wonderful spa. The icing on the cake? That is the adult-only approach! Do you decide to go alone? Be sure to check out your dating apps and be conquered by the Marbellan Muscles!

Relax on Marbella

Welcome to your fairytale

Upon entering you step into a fairy tale story, more specifically that of Sleeping Beauty but with a twist. You don't have to worry that the clock stroke is 12 o'clock because every day is a magical experience. When you walk in, your senses are stimulated by the typical fresh apple scent and the soothing music. Just like your luggage, you leave that daily routine behind at the entrance. If you choose to sleep in the "Oh là là The One", all your wildest luxury dreams will come true. In these rooms you enjoy custom-made pillows, a transparent shower and a balcony with a sea view. Put your luggage aside, open a delicious bottle of Möet & Chandon and enjoy! The hotel is right on the beach and you are within walking distance of the center of Marbella. An ideal day schedule filled with sunbathing and shopping, because with a darker skin color you definitely need new clothing that puts it in the spotlight!


One push of the button is enough

The Amàre club is a wonderful combination of land and sea that will enchant you time and again with its facilities and service. The whole consists of no less than three different dimensions that together create your perfect fairy tale. You can enjoy the playa in Amàre Beach with a culinary restaurant, sun beds by the sea, special cabanas for massages and DJ performances in the afternoon. Do you prefer to relax by the pool? Then the Amàre Pool is definitely for you! You hijack the first sunbed that you come across and from then on it is pure enjoyment. All you have to do is leave your lounger to take a dip in the pool. One push of a button and your bartender is on your lounger, so that you can enjoy the delicious Feel Pleasure Amàre cocktail as quickly as possible. The best way to end the day is in the Mediterranean lounge Amàre Lounge. You can enjoy the wonderful design and a delicious dinner. Be sure to also check the planning of the hotel, then you might be able to enjoy a nice event in the evening.


High-end relaxen

Your escape from reality is made possible by the fantastic spa. The spa is located on the ground floor of the Amàre Hotel. Of course you only deserve the best during your vacation, and Amàre Marbella proves that with its fantastic treatments. At the spa, some of the best treatments are offered by the exclusive brand Germaine de Cappucini. This brand is one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands, so Amàre Marbella only offers the finer things in life. In addition to the treatments you also enjoy the fantastic hydrotherapy circuit! This circuit consists of a sauna, hot water bath with massage chairs, jacuzzi and Scottish shower. If you want to explore the vibrant nightlife of Marbella, you can also visit the hair and beauty salon on the same floor. We assure you that you will conquer radiant Marbella!

Following Elton John

Marbella is known as the holiday spot of all jet-setters and royals. Visit the famous port of Puerto Banùs in your free time and dream away with the amazing view surrounded by huge yachts. Because Marbella is protected by the mountains of the Sierra Bianca, you can enjoy hours of an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. You can also discover the old city with a perfect English speaking guide via the Marbella Tourism Board. What are you waiting for? Book your fantastic getaway and live life like Elton John now: muscular men, luxury and sun.


Top 5 hotspots

1. Mykonos gay bar Marbella
Marbella has only two gay bars, but this certainly does not mean that these are not worth the effort! Mykonos is the best known of the two. Here you can enjoy contemporary beats in combination with handsome men. Let’s have a kiki!
2. Soleo Marbella
Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with a great view of the sea. Soleo stands for Mediterranean cuisine consisting of a combination of traditional and modern cuisine. Dinner with a view is very appropriate here!
3. Billionaire
Billionaire is a clothing brand aimed at contemporary men who are not afraid because of who they are or want to be. Dominant, masculine and unapologetic that is what the Billionaire man stands for.
4. Messina
At the starred restaurant Messina it's all about goat, a delicacy in Argentina. The influence of goat comes from the Argentinian couple who run the business, their attention to every dish also ensures that the goat meat is wonderfully tender. In short, it is wonderful to dine at a Michelin restaurant for a reasonable price.
5. Elite
Since 1987 they travel the people from Elite to fashion mecca's and beyond to offer their stylish customers exclusive collections of luxury designers and fashion houses. When you walk in, you step into a museum of luxury fashion brands. You will find brands such as Buscemi, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Les Hommes, ... Spending money should be a payed job!



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