WIN weekend tickets for Milkshake Festival!

On the 29th and 30th of July it's that time again, the Westerpark in Amsterdam colors all the colors of the rainbow for the Milkshake Festival! At Milkshake you celebrate the love for love, for Amsterdam, for diversity, for music and especially for people and freedom!

Not for loft people

Op Milkshake Festival everyone is welcome, except people who prefer to think in the spirit of a box, because they just don't fit so well with the wonderful open-minded atmosphere that Milkshake has been known for years. Oh, and if you still ask yourself, all rumors are true! The Village People are really on Milkshake! Other acquaintances are Benny Rodrigues, Valentijn de Hingh, Roog, Doppelgang, Joost van Bellen and all those other cool names that we cannot name now!

Win that weekender!

At Milkshake you always have to be quick, because Saturday is already sold out! Fortunately we can give away 2 x 2 weekend tickets for you and your BF (F)! How do you get hold of that coveted ticket? Very simple. Let this message on Facebook know that you and your BF (F) are happy to go and tag your BF (F)! Forget our page not to like!
Would you rather play on save? Here can you still score tickets on Sunday!

Become a model!

At Milkshake we are looking for the cover model of our new issue! Do you think you have it in you to decorate our cover? Then come and visit our area and be photographed or have our scouts spot you!

Will we see you at Milkshake?

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