Woodwick lights your fire, euh candle!

It gets a little killer outside again and that has one big advantage. We can cocoon again with our 101 candles on. And if they alsowonderful scents, then it is totally heaven in the living room. the Woodwick scented candles, better known as the candle with a wooden wick that crackles like a fire, is coming out this fall with three new odeurs, namely the Black Plum Cognac, Rosewood and Sacred Smoke, an assortment of rich and warm scents. The Rosewood scent has a wonderfully sweet aroma. It is a combination of rosehip and soothing tea that in turn merge with cedar wood and musk. With the scent Sacred Smoke it looks like you're sitting around a campfire again.

The perfumes are of great quality, they are perfectly balanced (fortunately) and consist of different layers. The crackling wooden wick provides the finishing touch. Can it be even more special? Then Woodwick gets her WoodWick Trilogy candles from the cupboard. The candles consist of three layers and provide a unique aroma when the different layers and scents fuse together. These new scents make us instant dreams of fall. Drop the leaves ...

Ellipse: € 34,95
Large: € 32,95
Medium: € 21,95
Mini: € 11,90

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